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6 videos – Total length 78  minutes

You will receive written material,  audio & video versions

Discover how to set up the Ace List Building system just one time to grow your list, build your brand, and generate repeat sales on autopilot. After that, just add traffic! The ‘Missing Ingredient’ all marketers forgot to tell you when they say “The Money’s In The List.”

If you, like most people, get this part wrong you’ll be married to a JOB and doomed work hard every time to make a sale. This ‘Missing Ingredient’ goes beyond building a relationship with your subscribers because it also grows your business quicker, faster, and easier!

How would you like to start banking in predictable income and generate windfall profits at a minor expense of working just a few hours a day – and do it for a long, long time to come? Of course you would. Who wouldn’t want to?

If you have been immersed in the Internet Marketing space for at least a few months, surely you have seen some fads come and go.

Make money from Facebooking is not something I would call a ‘solid business model’ – not when the social network keeps changing every now and then because Mark Zuckerberg and his team feels like it.

The Search Engine Optimization game will never be the same for too long. Take a look at the history of Google Slap, Google Panda, Google Penguin (and whatever is going to come next…)

The Adwords and Pay-Per-Click game is not like what they used to be. As soon as some keywords start yielding high value you will pay more per click and eventually your conversions and back-end funnels won’t be enough to cover even your up front cost!

Even the affiliate marketing game changes. Old redundant promotion techniques like whipping up a one-page review site get shortlived when everyone else picks up the same method and do it too!

You may have witnessed some of these trend changes. And they all have one direction in common: DOWN.

If you have to keep learning and relearning new techniques to ride on every trend, making money online is going to be a struggle. And how LONG can you last?


The Short Answer To The Long Problem: Go Get Your Own Mailing List.

It’s tried. It’s tested. It stands the test of time.

You won’t be at the mercy of shortlived trends because email is an essential Internet tool – and everyone with an Internet access has an email account.

Once you get people onto your mailing list, it’s yours. They have already given you their permission to email them, and you can be making money just sending emails to them.

How long does it take to write an email? No more than five minutes of your time.

How often can you send emails to them? As often as you want! (I prefer to send once a day but it’s up to everyone’s preference)

How much money can you make? Well, the more email subscribers you have, the more potential income you can make – literally with the click of the mouse!


If You Don’t Already Have A Mailing List, You Don’t Have A Business.

By ‘mailing list’ I don’t mean just a list of names and email addresses. If no one on your list is a willing buyer, you can’t start lining your pockets.

While most Level 1 amateurs don’t have a list (and resort to animal instincts to make money online), I suspect the Level 2 marketers already have their own autoresponder and may have some subscribers already.

Except that they are not making money yet.

You need a pool of hot, hungry buyers waiting to give you money every time you ask for it – not an ocean of tire-kickers.


“The Money Is In The List”.

A list contains names and email addresses of people who:

    1) Are likely to buy what sell, and

    2) Have given you permission to sell to them.

Easy, right?

Now when you have a list, you can send offers to them to buy something. This is NOT spamming. You must build a relationship with your people and provide relevant messages to them in order to be successful.

Why build a list?

If you have been online for some time, you know that traffic is the currency of the Internet. Once you built your list, you never have to worry about getting traffic, EVER.

Here’s why…

All I need to do is send an email to my list, invite them to click on a link to my website, and


Voila! Instant Traffic!

Matter of fact, if you play your cards right you can make money clicking the “Send” button in your email software and have orders pouring in — within minutes! I have seen it happened before and also done it myself several times.

The way I see it right now, there are more products in the marketplace than there are marketers. Which makes marketers more valuable and in demand.

Even if you have no product of your own, with a substantial mailing list you will have product creators flocking to you instead of you having to go all out.

You can negotiate from a position of power, like

    Strike up partnerships with amazing product creators who create groundbreaking solutions but don’t have the reach.

    Beating up other affiliates in sales contests (and win some extra cash, prizes and fame while you’re at it)

    And you can shamelessly ask for a higher commission percentage (no more 50-50!) and some extra favors.

Remember, they need you MORE than you need them now!

Over the years, I have applied every technique I know to build my list to build, support and grow my business. Some worked like gangbusters, while others were just a waste of time and money. In the end, I distilled techniques that worked and kept using them to generate new customers to make sales to.

The best part is that all the time throughout, whenever a fad bursts it has little or no effect on my profits.

Because I don’t build my business on shaky grounds. And I certainly don’t waste my energy and efforts on anything I suspect is just a passing trend. As fad bubbles pop and the latest moolah-making technique is exposed for the fraud it is, I continue to chug cash into my PayPal account, ClickBank account…

You get the drift.


I Want To Invite You To Become The Next List Building Ace, And Here’s How You Can Start Banking In Perpetual Income Using Foolproof Methods!

Ace List Building

6 Modules (Videos and Transcripts)

Total Running Time: 1 hour 18 minutes

Download After Purchase

My course is so-called because I give you a set of chronological instructions for you to follow and build your own responsive, high-profit mailing list. While I could be a little bit ‘sneaky’ and charge a premium on my time, the truth is I don’t have the luxury of time to coach every single person.

So I decided the best way to go about doing this is record all my lessons into this course – and you can get it right away after you making your purchase.

There won’t be any fluff and there certainly won’t be any guesswork.


A Sneak Peak Inside My Course:

Module #1: Ace List Building – Overview

Module #2: Squeeze Page “Black Belt” Writing

Module #3: 3 Steps to Instant List Profit & Multiplication

Module #4: Repeat Sales with Email Automation

Module #5: Getting Traffic and List

Module #6: Putting Everything Together

I will be tutoring you via videos and with each Module, I also provide a transcript in case you prefer reading somewhat. (I recommend listening to the video while reading along where possible, to maximize your learning experience.

Above All, This Works.

Now I don’t know you personally but based on my personal experience and many of the people I’ve talked to, I can make a few safe assumptions:

You are tired of running the mill, living hand to mouth from lacklustered money-making methods you’ve come across so far.

You are willing to make this work.

You are not in the habit of over-spending your money.

And you want it right now!

Because perpetually everything you need to know is available here within the running time of my course – distilled from over years of online marketing experience – for you to quickly generate returns!

Here’s The Skinny:

Discover how to setup the Ace List Building system just one time to grow your list, build your brand, and generate repeat sales on autopilot. After that, just add traffic!

The ‘Missing Ingredient’ all marketers forgot to tell you when they say “The Money’s In The List.” If you, like most people, get this part wrong you’ll be married to a JOB and doomed work hard every time to make a sale. This ‘Missing Ingredient’ goes beyond building a relationship with your subscribers because it also grows your business quicker, faster, and easier!

The entire Ace List Building scheme in full detail. Use this scheme to “download” the Ace List Building system into your brain in one glance! Never again get stuck trying to explain the Ace List Building process to your outsource team. Just hand them this scheme and say “I Want It Now!”

*New* Anatomy of the Squeeze Page unlike any other. You’ll know EXACTLY what to put into your squeeze pages with this outline. Don’t know how to write long copy? No problem. This strategy can give you high subscriptions rate even if your copywriting IQ is below zero.

Steal this secret sauce that keeps my business running at full speed even during the recession when my competitors run dry on cash and traffic. Plus, I will teach you to do this without spending any money on expensive scripts or software.

How to get repeat sales from the same customers who bought from you before. Once you engineer this process properly, your customers will want to buy more stuff from you again and again.

Get paid faster with 3 profit centers and 1 traffic multiplier built into the Ace List Building system The 4 cornerstones.

Squeeze Page “Black Belt” writing. How to write killer copy if all you have is a basic command of English. Use this sequel technique to multiply your subscription rates further. No longer do you have to be at the mercy of an expensive copywriter when you can do a better job yourself using “Black Belt” writing.

Origins of the Squeeze Page explained in plain English. Just in case you’re new to all this, I will teach you the basics one step at a time. If you’re advanced, then this is the best refresher you’ll ever find.

Look Inside The Hood! The 4 essential components in the “new generation” Squeeze Page engine. Lose any one of the components and your squeeze page is at a severe disadvantage.

Use this proven Squeeze Page format to construct your own subscriber sucking’ machine. Plus, new squeeze page discovery that converts XX% better than the norm. Learn how to reproduce this anomaly so you can turn the tides to your favor.

Headline Howitzer! How I construct my headline to pack the biggest bang for my buck. You’ll discover the same blueprint to write your own attention grabbing headline, down to the exact font type, color, and message.

Introducing the ‘Spokesperson Squeeze’. The essential element used in my “new generation” squeeze page to champion my list building. Since implementing this technique, my conversion rate improved by a factor of XX.

Apply the “Opt-in Machine” Sign-Up Strategy and your subscriptions will increase in droves. These secrets of direct marketing have been time-tested and used in online squeeze pages. Remember the “cut-out coupon” found in newspapers? There’s a reason why it still works and I’ll show you how to use it.

Multiply your results through serious automation and the 3 steps to instant list profits.

Avoid the biggest mistake marketers make after someone presses the “Submit” button. Instead, do the opposite to instantly weed out disinterested prospects from the very beginning.

How to build your list exponentially by enlisting the help of every new subscriber that enters your list. And the best part is, all this is done completely free of charge! This is truly list-building on steroids.

Recession-proof your list building activities. I will teach you how to powerfully position your list-building so you never have an excuse to “lay-off” building a list. Plus, I teach you how to use this technique to make money from cold prospects affected by the recession.

Making word-of-mouth work in your favor so other people build your list (and you don’t even have to lift a finger).

The magic bullet I use to increase the life span of my products. And… how I successfully sold the same information and digital goods to my list over and over again.

Hate to hard-sell your subscribers? Then this strategy of selling is for you. In fact, it’s even better than getting JV partners to make sales for you.

Get more people to click on your order links. See how I increase my click through rate (CTR) without working hard – even a 12 year-old can do this.

Important Insight Inside: “When you start selling something, something strange happens…” Learn how by adding one word to your email, you can make your customers want your products so badly that they search for excuses to buy. Hint: And when you give them the reasons to buy, the sale is done!

How to weed away whiners and become wealthier with every email sent.

Discover the types of offers which work best on follow-up emails. Plus, a neat email writing trick used to generate $20 million dollars in annual revenue and how you can do it too.

Pull out my never-before-revealed case study of follow-up emails sequence. Again, I will hold your hand and walk you through the entire process and in the end, you’ll be ready to craft sales-pulling emails. Be prepared though, your fingers will literally *dance* on the keyboard.

Final Question: “What Happens After My Subscriber Received All My Emails But Never Bought?” I will teach you what I do to save unresponsive customers and re-activate them. Plus, you’ll know how long I wait before sending the next offer.

How to pour a never-ending supply of traffic into your list-building funnel.

A simple, step-by-step procedure to avoid broken links, 404 “Page Not Found” error, and other kinks and glitches in your system.

Get instant traffic in 5 minutes using this cost effective pay-per-click strategy. Also, uncover lucrative and highly targeted keywords with this marketer’s best kept secret software.

Start your own split-testing campaigns to multiply your opt-in rates without buying expensive software or hiring techies to do the work.

How to get tones of traffic by syndicating content. Plus, use this loop-hole in article directories to get your list built faster!

Long term traffic in 30 minutes. How to get cooperation from membership site owners to pour traffic to you willingly. Plus, a list of membership sites to get you started.  With this strategy, you’re practically transferring paying customers from other people’s membership sites into your list.

Ethically trade your subscribers for even more subscribers in a single email. Use the Ad Swap technique to leverage on your current subscribers.

Flood your list by cooperating with other list-owners through “closed door” events. Learn how to do this properly and align with the right partners to get an advantage. Plus, common dangers to prevent your list from being sucked dry.

Alert! Ninja-level traffic tactic exposed. Here’s an uncommon and rare technique to get hot buyers into your list. I won’t even mention the name of tactic here because it works well beyond my expectations so I’m keeping this only for customers of Ace List Building.


I want to be clear and up front on a few things:

    This is NOT your average home ‘study’ course. There’s nothing to “study” here.

    This is NOT rehashed, regurgitated, repackaged information that no longer works.

    This is NOT full of outdated, expensive or illegal list-building tactics.

    This is NOT for lazy people who don’t bother to follow instructions.

By now, you’re probably asking how much this is going to cost.

But what if you were to ask yourself how much it would cost you IF you don’t start your own Ace List Building Machine today.

Most people start by buying a domain name (around $10 a year), paying for web hosting (around $10 a month), then getting an autoresponder (around $20 a month), and then they buy traffic ($50 budget) and push leads into their “Squeeze Pages” for signups.

That’s about under a hundred bucks.

If that’s your game plan, stop right now.

Everything from the domain name up until the autoresponder part is correct. The problem starts at the traffic part!

If you don’t have a proper game plan, you are not going to ace the Internet marketing game. (You know, I sometimes still wish I can go back a few years and tell myself what I know today!)

But I can tell you how. And you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did when I started. Smart people learn from their mistakes; smarter people learn from other people’s mistakes.

You probably have heard how marketing gurus are pricing their seminars and coaching programs on the same topic for an upwards of $2000 and above.

While I could go along that line and build a consultation program around this method, as mentioned earlier I have no intention of doing that in interest of personal time.

And my educated guess says that not everyone has a spare $500 laying around either.

So I’ll give you instant online access to my Ace List Building course at a much lower price.

Now you have no excuse not to succeed.

But that’s not all…

It Doesn’t Have To Be ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ – A ‘Maybe’ Will Do. Test Drive It For 60 Days!

Here’s the deal: You are instantly protected by my 100% satisfaction “or your money” guarantee policy, and that’s a promise I make to all of my customers.

With the Ace List Building blueprint, you will experience adrenaline list-building rush like never before. And because I want to recession-proof your success, I’m giving you another a FULL 60 DAYS so you can carefully apply everything at your own pace. This is my special treat to you in case you still need to work 8 hours a day to make a living.

If you follow the step-by-step instructions I give you, not only can you make back your investment, but certainly have enough money to reinvest in your autoresponder, web hosting, and for better Squeeze Pages to multiply your earnings.


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Ace List Building Complete Course
Ace List Building Complete Course

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