Beginners Guide To Meditation Written Material & Videos

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8 videos – Total length 45  minutes

The Video support provided is very important so you can take 100 % advantage of the written content

Learn How to Meditate

Stress and tension are among the most inevitable physical and mind states that almost all people experience on a regular basis. That is because all people are subject to too much thinking and worries about a lot of things, including studies, work and so much more.

Experts and researchers assert that people suffer from many diseases because there is so much stress. Of course, stress is not the main cause of flu, cancer and other ailments, but several studies show that stress is a contributing factor. When people are stressed, they are susceptible to physical exhaustion, making their immune system weak.

Thus, effective measures to control and relieve stress and tension are very important. There are many products and instructional materials available at various media portals and venues, but nothing could really come close to the information the book ‘Meditation: The Guide to Self Enlightenment’  could provide.

‘Meditation: The Guide to Self Enlightenment’ is a self-help instructional book download that would surely impart to readers effective and reliable ways on how to start mediation. Meditation has been found as an effective technique to combat stress.

Many people try to meditate on their own, but often, the efforts are futile. That is because without the basic knowledge, it would be impossible for a person to attain the state of mind that is needed for total relaxation. Meditation sure leads people to that ideal mind state.

There are many other factors that could help in attaining the benefits of meditation. Sleep and attitude are cited as among those factors, so it would be helpful if you would know of ways and strategies to use them.

‘Meditation: The Guide to Self Enlightenment’ is written in a way that you could easily comprehend. There is no need to consult the dictionary when reading it. The book is not boring, unlike others, and is full of wit, so you would not feel bored reading it.


A colleague introduced you to meditation. You noticed that she is more calm, reserved and relaxed since she got hooked. You want to be like that too.


Six billion people on earth. Only a percentage of that figure really takes time to unwind and relax. You’re one. You’re conscious of the activities you engage in and you know that it pays to take a break once in awhile.  

Think of it as those one-on-one with your guidance counselor which you were required to do once a year through out grade school, middle school and high school. Being analyzed by a stranger is excruciating but at least with meditation, you are the one analyzing yourself.

Next thing you know you’re craving to know more and the only way you can satisfy your thirst for knowledge is to read as much as you can about the subject matter.

We recommend that you check out “Meditation: The Guide to Self Enlightenment”. With this book, everything you need to know about fitness and staying healthy is coined in layman’s terms for easier understanding.

People who have tried their hand and head out on the fundamentals of fitness and health admit that it does not come simple the first few times they try it. Sure there are books and instruction guides out there for them to check out and seek advice and more assistance from, but too much knowledge can result to differences and dichotomies of one guide from the next, confusing the reader more.

This isn’t your typical book that you can get a copy of at your nearest book store or at your local library or the Internet. In fact this book is so detailed that it has been referred to as the “Meditation Manual.”

When you have possession of this book, you will be able to learn the right way of meditating. You wouldn’t need a trainer because you yourself know the rate you’re going.

Clearing Your Mind and Improving Your Life. No stones are left unturned when you get your hands on this now. You will become a complete expert on this, and you’ll get everything you need inside to do the same. Placed Upon Us That It Can Feel Like There Is Nowhere To Turn That When We Feel Like We Just A Little Bit Of Breathing Room And A Chance To Relax.

Fortunately, there is a solution. No matter how many demands you have placed upon you during the day, Meditation is an option that you can easily make the time for.

Even just setting aside five minutes for yourself can make the difference between a frazzled, miserable mess at dinner time and a balanced, calm person who is ready to take the next step, no matter where it leads!

Table of Contents         


Meditation 101: The Basics

The Stages of the Mind         

Stage One: The Normal Mind         

Stage Two: Concentration

Stage Three:  Final Meditation

Understanding Contemplation

The Benefits Of Meditation

Benefits You Experience         

Meditation Formats

Concentrative Meditation         


Mindfulness Meditation         

What Happens During Meditation?

The Physical Reaction

Are You Sleeping?         

Preparing Your Mind And Body         

A Word Of Warning

A Bit Of Background

Activities For Meditation

Get Yourself Ready

Required Elements


The Right Position         

Semi Poised

Poised Posture

Lotus Posture

Passiveness In Your Attitude

Your Meditation Object

Put It Together         

Meditating In A Simple Form         

Simple Mediation

Other Methods Of Mediation

Walking Meditation         

Transcendental Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation

There Are More

Journey Meditation

Sound Meditation


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Beginners Guide To Meditation Written Material & Videos

  • Beginners Guide To Meditation Written Material & Videos

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