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Announcing The Brand New, 9 Part, Step

By Step Video Course…

“Discover What You Need to Do Before

Setting Up Your Facebook Ads to Get


In this specific video training course, you

will get to watch over my shoulder – step-

bystep, click by click – and learn what you

need to do to install your Facebook Ad

Pixel tracking

It’s a fact that – Facebook Ads can be very

profitable for your business.

But it’s also a way to lose a lot of money if

you don’t do it right.

What I mean is…

There’s a lot of courses out there on ads

but they assume you know how to setup

the Facebook Pixel and implement the

tracking within your funnel.

The reality is there are standard events

that track certain steps thru the funnel.

Placing the same pixel code without any

changes on all your pages won’t do you

any good.

In short – How do you know when people

visit your site, your shopping cart, and

when they make a purchase?

How do track when someone becomes a


Or perhaps they visit but don’t purchase

right away?

How do you make ads to target those


Without the proper pixel tracking in place,

you would not know. This is why most

people lose when it comes to paid traffic.

Video #1: Introduction to FB Tracking

Have you ever wondered why your

Facebook ads don’t convert? The reason

why is that most people do not train their

Facebook pixel correctly. In this video, we

will discuss what that means and why that

is important. You will also be given a

quick overview of the course itself and

what you need to get started.

Video #2: Business Manager Setup Before

you create your Facebook pixel, let’s

discuss why you need to have a business

manager. There’s a big reason why

Facebook created the business manager

and why you need to centralize access to

all of your pages, your pixels, your ad

accounts, and much more.

Video #3: Create a Facebook Pixel Now,

it’s time to show you how to create a

Facebook pixel. Did you know that you

can create several pixels per account? The

big question is – should you create a pixel

for your whole business? Or should you

create several different pixels? This is

something that most people do not think

about and they do it incorrectly. In fact,

doing this wrong will give you horrible


Video #4: Standard Events Overview

Before I give you some practical

application and real life examples, it’s

important to understand why standard

events are important and how they can

tell you what is happening within your


Video #5: Email Opt In Funnel Events

The first real life practical example is a

simple email opt-in funnel. This consists

of a landing page that asks people to fill

out their name and email address in

exchange for something for free. In this

video, you’re going to learn how to know

how many people visited your opt-in page

and how many filled out the form. Or how

many people visited the page, but did not

fill out the form.

Video #6: Abandoned Cart Funnel Events

The next funnel is crucial if you are

selling your product and have people

abandoning the cart. Let’s say for

example that 100 people visit your site,

and 10 people are interested in

purchasing. So, they click the ‘add to cart’

button but never purchase the product.

Without the proper tracking, you would

never know this information, and this is

exactly how most business owners run

their businesses. You’ll learn how to

properly set this up in this video.

Video #7: Purchase Funnel Events Next

up, you have the purchase funnel which is

similar to the previous video. However, we

will take it one step further. This allows

you to see who came to your sales page

and purchased versus who came to your

sales page and did not purchase. This will

allow you to retarget them at a later date.

Or perhaps you want to run an ad solely to

people who purchased? This is for you!

Video #8: Lead Form Funnel A lot of

consulting or service based businesses

utilize this funnel. Basically, it consists of

getting people to a page for the intent to

fill out a form. Perhaps you want to get

them to schedule an appointment so that

you can sell to them at a later date.

Video #9: How to Test Your Pixel Is Active

Once you have installed new pixels

throughout your funnel, the big question

is – how do you know if it is working?

How do you know if those standard event

pixels were placed properly? More on

that in this video.

So, grab this video course today and begin

setting up your Facebook ad pixel

tracking… the right way.

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Facebook Ad Tracking Video Course

  • Facebook Ad Tracking Video Course

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